Flow Chart

Flow Chart

Customer Inquiry

Customers can send us a sample, drawing, our sales and R&D team can begin initialize the project.

Specifications Confirm

Meeting with customer to discuss reverse engineering according to sample or customized production up to the drawing.


According to the discussion to provide a competitive price.

Sample Proofing

With approval, our team will begin working out a creative solution to your inquiry. There will starting do sample proofing before build mould.


Advanced product quality planning


Production part approval process

Build Mould

When sample proofing approval that we starting to build up mould.

Tooling Test

When tooling is done and we starting to test tooling and adjust to suitable state for mass production.


Before mass production, we will need to provide prototype to customer do confirmation.

Mass Productions

After received confirm of prototype, we according to the prototype standard to do mass productions.

QC Inspection

According to customers doing quality inspection before shipping, whether it is first party, second party or third party. Satisfy all need of inspections.

World Wide Shipping

According to different transportation needs to meets customers and deliver to designated places in worldwide.